Business Model
8tree’s current product portfolio solves for three main problems — fastener (rivet) flushness, dent-mapping (surface deformation analysis) and step-measurement (panel-alignment).  A new product focused on part comparison will be announced soon in 2017.  All products incorporate 8tree’s patented approach of using Augmented Reality (AR) to project measurement results in real-time, directly onto the surface of the part.

8tree’s novel approach to solving these problems is being recognized across a variety of industries including aerospace and automotive manufacturing as well as aviation maintenance.  Some notable customers include Airbus, Boeing and their Tier-1 suppliers, as well as Hyundai, TAP and several other commercial and cargo airlines.  Furthermore, 8tree’s dentCHECK tool is formally listed in Airbus‘ tool manuals as an approved tool for use by airlines/MROs to improve dent-mapping efficiency and accuracy.

8tree GmbH
Oberlohnstraße 3
78467 Konstanz
+49 7531-8914990


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